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J B Skater Rolls Moxi 

A Review of the Moxi Lolly Skate Boot

by Denise Wesley

My name is Denise "DanceLegz" Wesley and I am what most would call a "JB" Roller skater or JitterBug style skater. I am a dancer by nature so that always comes out when I roll.


At the age of five or six I was introduced to my first pair of "wheels"--Fisher price shoe cover skates. My mother was a skater; so she had me with her often. My second pair of skates were called "Chicago" skates or artistic skates which were a white boot with pink wheels. Cute right? Anyway after that I transformed to a "COMBAT” boot with Bones for wheels. I was in love with skating at this point but realized my boot was a bit heavy for the foot work I performed. My latest skate which was a "Dominion" boot and Bone wheels seemed great for skate tricks and foot work. They could also be spray painted for a fashion statement.


About a year or so ago I ripped my skate boot doing what we in Chicago call, a JB routine--its like a dance with musical cadence. Well, I had been committed to skating in that boot up until I realized that my feet felt like dead weight and it showed from my footage and pictures. After moving to Atlanta, I stumbled upon a store called Roll ATL...I saw the word “Roll” and was curious. I walked in and saw the "skate wall". The colors caught me immediately and I knew from my boot knowledge that they had to be Moxis! The owner (as I later found out) knew a lot about Moxi skate boots and said I had to try a pair on--just would not be right if I didn't. I grabbed a pair of socks and laced up... "Ohhhhhh my Gawwwwd!" Yeah, I said it just like that. Instantly, I felt how light and airy they were on my feet. I rolled in them-- literally all over the store-- looking like a kid at a toy store window. I had to have them.


The next Adult Skate, I decided to see what these Moxi "Purple", non-traditional JB roller skates could do at a skating rink. The dj was in motion and the moment of truth began. I stepped on the floor and almost cried. It was as if my feet were 20 lbs lighter. I didn't have to work as hard to do moves and some tricks were like butter! Here are things I noticed:


- It was lighter than the typical ankle high covered JB skate boot.

- The leather formed to my feet as I moved, versus feeling like a separate entity.

- The boot fit true to size.I Only needed one pair of quality socks versus my normal two pairs.

- The skate boot outer covering allowed easier gliding for floor routines, leg lifts, and threads.

- the color pop was certainly an eye catcher; plus the cool skate silhouette key chain shined all night during the session.


Thank you Moxi for changing the entire game of what a skate boot should look and feel like. The story behind Moxi Roller Skates reminds me of why I continue to skate and the things my mother expressed to me up until her passing. Skating for me is life--it is right next to my love for dance. Fashion has always been a part of the skating scene and your boot collection reminds me of just that.


Thank you for reading,


Denise "DanceLegz" Wesley has been an avid roller skater since childhood. She specifically specializes in "JB" style skating. In addition to skating, she has a wide array of talents including dancing, modeling, and promoting emotional wellness. Always strategizing and networking, she has studied sociology with a major in urban planning. Denise currently works as a "High Healing" Movement Therapy Instructor in the greater Atlanta area. She spends her free time with her favorite cat "Snickers" and showing off her new Moxi skates at the local Atlanta rinks. She is a sponsored skater for RollATL skateshop.

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